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Updated:  October  2018



  • Jacquadi – French and Music Playgroup for Children  (am) Main Hall 
  • Sure Start Children’s Centre  Monday to Thursday (am/pm) Elizabethan Hall 
  • English/ULT (am/pm) Sundridge Hall and Rydens Lounge 
  • Scouts – (pm) Main Hall 
  • Kelalou Academy of Irish Dancing – (pm) Rydens Hall 
  • Samanya Yoga – Mixed Ability Classes (pm) Sundridge Hall 
  • WAOS – (pm) Elizabethan Hall 




  • Chinese Association (am/pm) Main Hall 
  • Chinese Library (Morning only) Shackleford Hall 
  • IT Suite (Morning only) Shackleford Hall 
  • Library until 2.00pm – Shackleford Hall 
  • Jenny Todd School of Dance (pm) Rydens Hall 
  • Surrey Taekwondo (pm) Main Hall 
  • Wine Circle (Every 4th Wednesday pm) Shackleford Hall 
  • English/ULT (pm) Rydens Lounge 
  • Samanya Yoga Mixed Ability Classes (pm) Sundridge Hall 




  • Samanya Yoga Mixed Ability Classes (am) Sundridge Hall 
  • OWBATS (Toddlers Group) (am) Main Hall 
  • Alison Howard Fitness (pm) Rydens Lounge 
  • British Tinnitus Association (Last Wednesday of Every month) Shackleford Hall 
  • Cubs/Beavers (pm) Rydens Lounge 
  • The Club (pm) (Every 2nd Wednesday) Elizabethan Hall 
  • Whist (Every 4th Wednesday pm) Shackleford Hall 
  • Scouts (pm) Main Hall 
  • Shaolin Ancestors Self-Defence (pm) Rydens Lounge 
  • Samanya Pregnancy Yoga Classes (pm) Sundridge Hall 
  • Jenny Reed’s School of Dance (Caroline) – (pm) Sundridge Hall and Elizabethan Hall 




  • Samanya Yoga Mum and Baby Classes (am) Sundridge Hall 
  • BKD Toddlers (pm) Main Hall 
  • BKD Funky Street Dance (pm) Main Hall 
  • BKD Aerobatics Dance (pm) Sundridge Hall 
  • BKD Tap Dance (pm) – Rydens Hall 
  • WAOS – (pm) Elizabethan Hall 
  • Women’s Institute (Every 3rd Thursday (pm) 
  • Samanya Yoga Mixed Ability Classes  – (pm) Sundridge Hall 
  • Old Woking Dance Group (pm) Main Hall 





  • English/ULT (am/pm) Rydens Lounge 
  • Cheeky Charlie Soft Play (am) (Every fortnight) Main Hall 
  • Rebecca White’s School of Dance (pm) Rydens Hall 
  • Welcome Bridge (pm) Elizabethan Hall 
  • Table Tennis (pm) Sundridge Hall  --- currently not running as a new leader/coordinator is required.    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RUN THIS TABLE TENNIS CLUB (OR KNOW OF ANYONE WHO MIGHT) PLEASE POP IN AND CHAT WITH DOREEN.




  • Car Boot (2nd Saturday of Every Month(am) Main Hall 
  • Koo Self-Defence (am) Rydens Hall  
  • Jenny Todd School of Dance (am/pm) Main Hall 
  • Chinese Parents Playgroup (am) Sundridge Hall 
  • ACOA (pm) Howards Room  
  • Okiedi Soul  Spiritual Healing/Life Clairvoyant – (pm) (1st Saturday of Every Month) Rydens Lounge 
  • Acorn to Oak – (pm) (Every 3rd Month) Sundridge Hall 






  • Cheeky Monkey Baby Clothes Sale (am) Main Hall (Every 2 Months) 


We are located at:

Old Woking Community Centre, Sundridge Road


GU22 9AT

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A polite notice.


It is a sad state of affairs when we feel the need to place such a notice on our website. But, in today's modern world where there is less and less respect for others shown by a small but vocal minority, we need to make a statement about any anti-social behaviour directed towards those who work at this Community Centre.


Foul and abusive language or threatening behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the premises or the police will be called.


Library and Computer Centre are open on Tuesdays from 10am until 2pm.

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