Welcome to our new coffee and chat gathering

If you feel lonely and want to meet similar folk for a cup of coffee or tea and a chat, why not come along to the Shackleford Hall on a Tuesday monring between 10am and 12pm?


The Hall already hosts:

the local library --- why not bring your library card and browse through the shelves?

the computer centre --- why not have a go on a computer with the help of one of our teachers?

the jigsaw club --- why not borrow one of our jigsaws and either take it home or make a start on it in the Hall?


Or why not just come along and meet similar folk who just fancy a cup of coffee or tea, a biscuit and a chat?


And the best bit is that all of this is totally free --- we just ask for a small donation (say 20p) for the drink and biscuits.


Any time between between 10am and 12pm --- you can stay for just ten minutes or for two hours --- it doesn't matter --- what does matter is that you are there and having fun.

We are located at:

Old Woking Community Centre, Sundridge Road


GU22 9AT

Contact us today:

If you have any queries or wish to book a room or hall, please contact us:

01483 763974



A polite notice.


It is a sad state of affairs when we feel the need to place such a notice on our website. But, in today's modern world where there is less and less respect for others shown by a small but vocal minority, we need to make a statement about any anti-social behaviour directed towards those who work at this Community Centre.


Foul and abusive language or threatening behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the premises or the police will be called.


Library and Computer Centre during 2019 are open on Tuesdays from 9:30am until 12pm.

Further details may be found by clicking here.

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