New extension Plans

These are artists impressions of the new College extension on the South East with a lift to the first floor build on the side of the building, and the new Community centre entrance on the same side as the current entrance, with a new two storey extension with a new community hall and two new classrooms for the college

Artist impression of the two extensions  & how they fit onto the current building

New Ground Floor plan showing the new entrances and New Community Hall where the current garage is. 

First Floor plans showing the old bar areas turned into muisic practice rooms and the upper floor of the new extension with two dedicated music classrooms. 

FAQs – What does this mean for Our Centre Users?

Where will the extension be? There will be a new lift and college entrance on the exit side of the centre, and a two storey extension where the current garage and guide office is up to the end of the nursery entrance.

Will the car park be smaller? Yes – the college will allow centre users to park in their car park to ensure this isn’t a problem

What are the benefits for the charity? The Centre will get new kitchens and toilets, a lift to the first floor making it accessible, extra car parking space at the college during evenings and weekends, shared running costs with the College

What areas will the college use in the daytime? The college will use the Shackleford Hall, Rydens Lounge and Rydens Room.

How long will building take? We expect it to be Nov 2021 – Sept 2022

What will happen to our regular hirers during that time? All Hirers will move to the Woking College site during the build, we understand this is not ideal but will allow building work to take place much faster than sharing the centre with builders.

What about the nursery? The Nursery will remain in the centre during the new build works, most of the time they will use the main hall.

What about parties? Currently we do not expect any one off hires for parties to be possible during the build process.

How does this affect the OWCC Charity? The Charity trustees will sign a sub lease and management agreement with Woking College to ensure that the college funds the build and maintains its part of the building.

What will happen to the current Ground lease? Woking Borough Council will extend the current 40 year ground lease to 125 years. Woking College will have a 125 year sublease for their area.

Further questions or concerns? Contact us

 consultations undertaken

Comment NOW on the Woking Borough Council planning portal - copy and past the plan number into the portal  PLAN/2021/0898

Consultation plans that were the basis of costs and consultation with all our users

If you have any further questions or comments on these plans please feel free to contact us

Consultation from Woking College asking your opinion of them being given an under-lease on part of the site and buildings of the Old Woking Community Centre


Period of Consultation 1 April - 6 May 2021


The proposal 
It is proposed that Woking College takes an under-lease on parts (see green areas in diagram attached) of the OWCC site with the term of tenure completing 28 September 2060, being one day short of the Ground Lease end date. 

The College and the Community Centre have discussed the overall arrangements that will provide mutual benefit to both the College and the wider community use. The reason for the proposed investment in alterations to the building is to address the education needs without prejudicing the community needs.  The alterations will require a Planning Consent but informal discussions with Officers indicate that it should be possible to secure consent.......................


The whole document plus proposed floor plans may be seen by clicking on the link below:

OWCC Consultation
Consultation on Woking College taking an under-lease on part of the site and buildings of the Old Woking Community Centre
OWCC Consultation 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [708.4 KB]

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