What can you expect in my training sessions? Here's a brief description of my classes:

My offering includes a variety of sessions tailored to your abilities. They will be easy to learn and perform, and I'm always here to assist you when needed.

1. **Aerobics:** These exercises will help improve your heart's endurance and burn calories. They are easy to master while being highly effective.

2. **Fitness:** I want to help you strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and increase overall stamina. These are strength exercises that will make your body stronger.

3. **Stretching:** Taking care of your body's flexibility is essential, so I offer stretching sessions. They will help relax your body and enhance flexibility.

4. **Functional Training:** These exercises will make you more agile in daily life. This training translates into real benefits beyond the gym.

5. **Circuit Training Stations for Time:** During circuit training, we use various stations where participants perform different sets of exercises for a specified time. After each round, they switch stations. This ensures variety, maintains pace, and adjusts intensity to each individual's level, accelerating calorie burning and improving fitness.

6. **Support and Motivation:** My sessions are not just about training. They also provide an opportunity to make new connections and find support within the group. Together, we will achieve more.

**What will we be doing?**
- Exercise sets will be tailored to your abilities.
- We'll work on increasing endurance, strengthening muscles, and improving overall fitness.
- We'll focus on flexibility and enhancing flexibility.
- Together, we'll achieve the goals you set for yourselves.



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